lunedì 15 gennaio 2018

Personal Trainer

' OMG! Did you really believe I was your Personal Trainer? Fuck josh you are so fucking stupid! I'm Erik, your best friend!
This is just a bodysuit which make me look like your PT's twin brother! I sent a message to him from your phone telling you were sick and I took his place!
It was so fucking funny looking at you making all those exercise and doing all I said!'

venerdì 29 dicembre 2017

My favourite Men

'Hey Brad, come here' my dad called me 'Let's take a picture with me and your brother!'
'Yes mom, could you take the picture??' asked my very well builded brother.
'Of course dear' She answered ' My favourite men in the world!'

Yeah...That's a pity that I'm the only one left alive! You probably won't believe but they are not my dad and brother.They move like them, talk like them, but there's a parasyte inside their head who took control.
'I'll fuck your butt little brother' he whispered smiling at the camera.
'Oh son don't be selfish' added my dad ' leave something for daddy'.

'Say cheeeese!' said my naive mother.

Is it really Necessary?

' Is it really necessary?'  Paul asked
' What? ' said Nathan
' You know I don't like having Joshua around!' 
' I know...he's your ex, but I love this bodysuit! Look at these muscles!'
 Nathan is Paul's roomate and since he found out about his bodysuit collection he started to wear them at home! 
' Yeah..I know those muscles very well...but he's a jerk! '
He waited...and then spoke exactly with Joshua's attitude
'Look Nathan, I'm sorry I cheated on you..I love you!'
'Nathan! why are you doing this?'
' Come on Paul! Wouldn't you like to lick these feet just another time? Or suck this cock? Just pretend I'm him'
Nathan undid Paul's belt and start sucking his cock instead. Paul loved the sensation of his bastard boyfriend's lips moving on his cock. They fucked all night and it was Paul's best fuck with Joshua.

During the night Joshua woke up and opened to the closet's door. Inside there was the real Nathan, bound and gagged.
'I'm gonna set you free.' Joshua said ' But if you say something to Paul about today I'm gonna kill you. I'll keep fucking him pretending to be his beloved roomate, and you'll pretend it is true.'
Nathan Nodded.
' Now wear the bodysuit with my face and go sleeping with Paul, I've my actual boyfriend waiting for me'.

giovedì 28 dicembre 2017

My friend Tyler - part 3

* **Tyler***

'He he' Thought Tyler ' Phil is under the table and he surely noticed his dad's erect dick'.
Tyler made Phil'dad smiling and wink at himself. It was very hot to see.
'Phil are you ok down there?'  Asked his father faking concern
 'Y..yes dad..just grabbing this from under the table' he answered
showing the napkin.

In that very moment the telephone rang and phil went to answered. 
It was his Grampa calling. Phil's grampa was a  strongh and kind man, very well builded.
Tyler recollect from his host body all his memories regarding his dad. He found out they had a fishing trip planned for tomorrow.
It was the perfect occasion for the second part of his plan!

'Tomorrow I'll have big work to do...I must leave Phil's dad body for the night and rest.' thought Tyler.

Phil's granfather arrived very early in the morning and Tyler decided to use Phil's dad to welcome him.

' Hi dad!' I said
' Oh, hello Joshua!' 
' Where are the boy? Are you ready to leave?'
' Sure ' Tyler said ' But I need to do something first' and then  put a hand on the old man's forehead and did exactly what he did with Phil's dad: put part of himself in him.

Phil's father collapsed and tyler looked from the old man eyes.
'Perfect' he said ' Phil needs his old man to teach him something more.' 
He took Phil's dad unconscious body and hide it in the kitchen.What a wonderfull strogh body this man had!
Tyler woke up in his real body and he found Phil getting dressed.

"Hey dude!" he said
"Good Morning tyler, I think my grampa is arrived! I heard some noise from downstairs"
"Ok! You two will go fishing?" said Tyler
"My dad will come too! Do you want to join us?"
"No thanks, I have to come back home!" 
 they both went downstairs and found Phil's granfather waiting for them.

"Hello boys" he said with his strong voice "Are you ready to go fishing?"
" Hi Grampa!" Phil said and hugged him. Tyler loved hugging Phil trought his grampa's strong arms.
" I'm not coming, unfortunately I have to come back home!" Said Tyler from his real body.
" That's ok young man, I'll take just my grandson" 
" Where is dad?" Asked Phil
" He had something to do and he left! I think we'll be just the two of us for today!" Said Phil's Grampa.
 Tyler left leaving just Phil whit his beloved Granfather.
"Before we leave do you mind if I take a quick shower?" Asked the old man
" Grampa, no problem" 
"Thanks Phil..another thing.." 
"Yesterday when I took a shower..I was about to fall! I'm an old man you know..Do you mind helping me shower?"
"Oh not at all!" Phil said
Tyler went to the bathroom, removed the old man's shirt and took a selfie.

'Nice body for an old man..' He whispered smiling 'I'm sure your grandson would like to suck these nipples'.

*** Phil ***

Phil knocked at the bathroom door. He felt both excited and embarassed. 
'Come inside' Commanded his Grampa. 
When he opened the door he saw the old man's big arms and chest and felt his cock stiffening.
'Oh My god! I can't have an erection with my Grampa' he thought
'Are you alright son?'
'Y...yes Grampa'
'Good, would you mind washing my back?'
Phil did what he was told, but couldn't help but thinking about how beautifull that big back was.
'Listen son'
'Have I ever told you how proud I am having you as my grandson?' the old man whispered in Phil's ear.
'Well I am' he added and then hugged Phil with his strong arms.
Phil felt his grampa's chest and body on his; his grampa's aroma was mesemerizing. Phil didn't know why but he was keeping it inside since so long...he moved closer and kissed his grampa on his cheek. His grampa kissed him back on his lips and they couldn't stop their feeling anymore.

Part 4?

venerdì 22 dicembre 2017


Rent-a-slut is a special offer which permit to have the slut that you want in the body you prefer.
I found out about it in the internet, and I decided it was worth a shot. I call the number written on their site.

'Hi I'm Chantal, what can I do for you?' she asked
'Emh...hello..hi...I'd like to have a...slut'
'Of course Honey, please tell the name of the person you want to be possessed by our slut, and the permanence time'
'I...I...' I stuttered
'Come on Dear, is it your girlfriend?A friend of yours?'
'' dad'
She hesitated.
'Ok, no problem. What's his name?'
'A..Aaron McGuire'
'They...will she be able to act as my dad? I mean..will she have my dad's memories?'
'Sure dear, she will read your dad's mind, she will have access to his personality. Let's move on: time of possession?'
'Around 8 o clock my mom will be out for dinner'
'Time of permanence?'
'4 hours'
'Noted. Sheila will be your slut'
I hang up with a shiver of excitement..

When I came home from football practice, around seven o'clock, I expected to find just my dad..but my mom was there!
'M..Mom..what about your dinner?'
'Oh it was cancelled' she said 'I'm making dinner!'
'Fuck Fuck Fuck!' I Thought and went to my room for cancel my slut..I let the phone rang for a while but no one answered. I spent  an hour trying to find a way to cancel but i couldn't do it. 
'Tim! Dinner's ready' she called me.

'Hey Tim, how was school?" My dad asked me friendly
'It was good!' I asnswered and I looked at the time: 5 minutes to 8 o'clock.
We all sit at the table to have dinner and my heart was beating so fast..8 o'clock. I looked at my dad. He was eating normally chatting about his job with my mom. I sighed in relief. Could it all be a bluff? I felt so could exist something like body possession?
Suddently my dad stopped talking and looked around.
'Are you ok honey?' My mum asked with concern
'Of course dear' My dad said normally 'Just a little headache, what was I saying?' and then he started over talking about his job.
'One day you'll follow in my footsteps and you'll have my job!' he said proudly to me.
'Yes dad' I nodded. He was definitely my dad..
When my mom went to the kitchen he turned toward me and said:
'So you are the little perv who hired me'  
I was incredulous 'S..Sheila?' 
'Here I am' He said in a woman voice while my mom returned in the dining room.
'I tought I've heard a woman voice!?' she said
'A woman voice dear?' sheila answered 'It must have been a vocal message Tim was listening to...isn't it tim?'
'Y..yes dad' This whole thing was turning me on, and my mom wasn't noticing anything wrong. Suddently my dad moved his feet under the table and touched mine...It was so hot, in the meanwhile he kept talking with my mom. After dinner he wisphered in my ear in his seductive feminine voice ' What you want me to do honey?'
My dick was so hard...
'I want you to keep acting like my dad'
'Of course, son' he said in his normal voice ' And then?'
'I want you to fuck my mom'
The slut smiled 'I'd do anything for you' and went into the kitchen.
I heard some whisper so I went closer. I heard my mom giggling 'Aaron...Tonight?'
'I can't wait any longer' he said mimicking my dad. I heard some noise from my parent's room and I knew they were making sex..Or better my mom was making sex with my slut.

'Your mom felt asleep' He said naked coming in the living room with my dad's erect cock exposed.
'Have you ever seen your dad's cock?' he asked 
'No...never' I answered 

'He has very sensitive know that?'
' didn't know...' I said
'Or do you prefer if I said..I have got sensitive nipples son..Do you want to lick them? Your mom's asleep..she won't hear' 

'Or do you prefer to suck my cock? We still have 2 hours left' I hugged my dad
' I love you dad' I said
' I love you too, son' he answered in his real masculine voice.


'Brittany , Mommy has to go for a while. Do you want to remain at the beach?'
'Yes mommy' Answer the little girl
'If you wanto to stay you can stay, but you need to shapeshft'
'But mommy... I don't want to! I can't play with my friends if I shapeshift!'
'I know honey..but it's safer! Don't you want to be safe?'
'Now go in that cabana  and shapeshift into your uncle Mike'
The little girl went unwillingly into the first cabana and a hunky man came out after a little while.
'Are you happy now?' he asked in a girly voice
'Ush! Speak in your uncle's voice!'
'ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?' he said in a loud manly voice.
'Yes MIKE! Now get laid and don't talk to strangers!'

mercoledì 20 dicembre 2017

Part 1 - Helping Friend

I was playing videogame at my house with my best friend, when suddently the bell rang. It was my professor!

'Wooa Dude! Mister Jameson is here!' I almost screamed getting away from the door!
'What could he wants?' he said in a careless tone.
'Dude this is a disaster! I havent' been to school all this week and if he talks with my parents I'll be grounded for years!'

'Mmmh..." he said "who you want me to be?" 
'My dad is sleeping in the other room, my mom isn't home. Please dude, be her!'
'You want me to be your mummy? That's gross!"
Ok ok dumbass, just wait"he said and then closed his eyes.
I saw his masculine form shifing into my mum's.
She smiled and said 'Hi honey'.
I have seen him change a lot of time, but I could never get used to it.
'What the fuck' I wishpered.
'Honey don't say such words, or I'll have to ground you!" My mom said.
The bell rang again.
'Who could it be?' Said my mum and then winked at me. 

She opened the door revealing my professor.
'Hi Mrs Davis, sorry to bother you." He said
'No bother at all Professor Jameson, What's happened?" She said faking concern. Fuck! He was great.
'Hi just passed by go see how Steve was. He hasn't been to school this week' he said.
'Aw, that's so kind of you Professor, he had a bad flue. I hope he'll be back soon!'. answer my mom
"Ok Mrs Davis, have a nice day"
"Thank you very much Professor. These days you can never know if someone is skipping school! But not my kid!" She answered smiling and closed the door.

'DUUUUUUUDE! You were amazing!" I said.
She winked at me.
'You could have totally fooled me too" 
In that very moment my dad entered the room in his underwear.
'Who was at the door, honey?' He asked to my friend who looked like my mum.
She smiled kindly.

'No one, dear. Just a neightbour'. 
'Ok babe, gonna get dressed, I'm late for work' he said and went in the other room.

'Cool Clay, now change back, we have to finish to play!'
'I have a better idea' She said maliciously and followed my dad.
'Honey, when will you come back from work?' She said perfectly mimicking my mother's tone.
'I'll be back tomorrow morning sweetie". 
'Oooh to bad." She said and came back.
'Have you heard moron? He won't come back until tomorrow!" she said using his real voice. It was sooo weird listening to my mom speaking with my friend's voice.
'So what?'
'So we are going to have your house for ourselves!"

'Honey!" I heard my dad calling from the other room
'yes dear?" Clay answered
' Hi just remembered, didn't u have a meeting out of city tonight? Do you want me to stay with Steve?'
' Oh honey, I forgot to tell you. It has been cancelled. I'll remain home with our son' He said smiling at me...